Saturday, October 27, 2012

Luxury Sample Sale Websites

Sample sales started as flash sales by luxury labels and high-end retailers to clear samples made for runways or buyers. Today, it's just a way of getting rid of past season stock. The most widely anticipated event in Singapore is Club 21's that appears only once every few years and shockingly enough offer up to 85% off retail prices. I've been to a few and always manage to get serious bargains although I have to say that it is only for experienced shoppers as the crowds and speed at which goods move can be overwhelming for a newbie. *Sale on this weekend at the F1 pit building.

Alternatively, there are online sample sale sites that are a lot more comfortable both for the consumer and the retailer. We can shop at our convenience comfortably at home or in the office and retailers don't have dozens of people pawing their goods. 

There are quite a few foreign sample sale sites. But, the ones I frequent most often are: - sells clothes, accessories, holidays and activities based in America. - sells a wide range of goods from mid to high-end labels. - has an Oprah's selection tab featuring retailers recommended on her shows.

*updated on 4 Aug 2013* These sites don't ship international or to freight forwarding addresses anymore.

Local sample sale sites:
CloutShoppe - Has pop-up sales in addition to regular listed merchandise for sale.
Reebonz - pop-up sales of mid-range to designer labels, activities and holidays.
HauteAvenue - mid to luxury label pop-up sale site.

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