Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cricut Cake Decorating Machine

Scrapbookers will be familiar with Cricut, a printer-like machine that does precision cutting of paper to achieve different embellishments, borders etc. Recently, Cricut released its cake decorating machine, a device to cut pastry into intricate designs, so you can cut fondant embellishments for your cake or intricately shaped cookies.

Unfortunately, this device is not available in Singapore yet and can only be purchased from Williams Sonoma as an internet only exclusive, S$400 for machine and basic cake decorating shapes cartridge. Cricut website sells a mini cake cutter package for S$312, formerly an exclusive for Jo Ann's. The Martha Stewart version was seen on HSN the home shopping network earlier this year, but I think is already sold out. It would probably cost S$100 to use an escrow service to ship to Singapore. 

Making the everyday an event, this machine creates professional looking embellishments instantly at home and the variations are endless as additional cartridges like Martha Stewart's Seasonal S$105 or Birthday S$50 can be purchased to load into the machine. I read the reviews online and some mentioned that ordinary Cricut cartridges work on the cake machine (don't know if that is true), these are cheaper starting from S$20.

Frankly, I prefer this over cake printing machines, even though you can get photo quality printouts onto icing. This machine is great value as just 1 professionally made wedding/birthday cake can cost as much as this machine + cartridges. Making this a good investment for suburban moms who will be serving up homemade cakes on all occasions for years to come.

* updated on 24 Oct 2012

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