Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Molecular Gastronomy

I have only tried molecular gastronomy once and the thrill really is in consuming food that is not in its commonly found form. As this type of cuisine matures I expect the culinary world will break new boundaries in terms of flavours that is really exciting. So let's venture in and see what the tools of the trade are.

The Red Spoon Co carries mostly ingredients to help create this new cuisine, stuff like Lecithin Powder to emulsify and Meat Gum to transform foods.

Willequipped carries equipment that will send a chill up any home chef's spine. Check out the Cryogun to flash freeze your food. Or this evaporation contraption called ROTOVAP to distill food flavours naturally without heat.

Polyscience Innovative Culinary Technology carries a line of professional use machines like sous vide and anti-griddle that is a flash freeze table.

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