Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flower of the Month Clubs

Nothing is lovelier than having fresh flowers in your own home. You can always pick up a bouquet from a nearby florist or place a standing order online so a different bouquet gets sent to your home regularly. Ordinarily, this service is only available for corporate orders. So it is lucky that 2 local flower shops allow for domestic orders, you can now get the same service at home.

FarEastFlora offer 3 or 6 month plans of either flower, plants or gifts to be sent to your home or a gift recipient. There are quite a few variations in designs so you get something different every month and as with FarEastFlora everything is cute and adorable. offer 10 different plans of either roses, gerberas or floral arrangements to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly. To impress a special someone and homeowners who just need an arrangement in the hall or entryway.

In case you were wondering, both sites offer plans that are cheaper than if you were to buy 1 bouquet at a time.

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