Monday, September 10, 2012

MBS Rise Restaurant

Stopped by Rise restaurant at MBS for lunch. The crowd here is relatively civilised as the condiments are untouched and counters very clean. Overall, it was quite a good experience with fresh food, skilled chefs and outstanding service. I had a slice of tomato rosemary bread with corn chowder that was too delicious man.
What's good is the sushi, fresh seafood (they had bamboo clams when I was there), chinese roast pork belly and cooked dishes, I didn't try the Indian food or kebabs because that's where the crowds at. The widest spaced buffet ever as I didn't bump into anyone at any of the stations.
The dessert buffet is OMG! Filled with cakes, ice-cream, petit fours, chocolate fountain and pre-wrapped candy - lots of it. Only grouse is that the white chocolate chips in the ice-cream and cookies are not white chocolate buttons but cocoa butter buttons, mild in flavour and doesn't melt even when chewed *eeww*! Perhaps an oversight?

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