Thursday, September 6, 2012

Benetti Fendi Yacht

Benetti Yachts collaboration with Fendi is dubbed "Lady Lara". Lots of comfortable white furniture, plush fur, crocodile leather and gold gilded walls inside.

It is built with luxury and comfort in mind. Outside, the dining area opens out to lounge areas and there are sunbeds next to the pool. Inside, there is a private observation deck and his & hers walk-in wardrobes and baths.

Everything from the upholstery to the light fixtures are from Fendi Casa and emblazoned with the Fendi Logo.

The swarovski crystal door handles are a dead giveaway that this is a ladies yacht. S$100 million to purchase and available for charter.

I think Lady Lara's creators build this for people who buy billion dollar $300 million megayachts (you know ships) who want to buy a yacht for their wives or daughters as you can actually sail this one into shallow harbours like Cote D'Azur. No need to anchor at sea and launch a motor boat to & from land.

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