Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matrix by L'oreal Group

Time to get my hair dyed and this time I was in a Salon that uses Matrix products (owned by L'oreal Group).

 I noticed some kinks near the roots of my hair even though I just rebonded it a couple of months back. The stylist suggested rebonding just the roots that is quite common and much cheaper than redoing the entire thing again. As you can see, I am happy with the Matrix rebonding process that is very popular and it was done in an hour too, soo fast.

Matrix colours are known to be vivid and the stylist suggested I try out a darker red colour instead of my usual brown. I have tried red dyes before and it can be tricky, mostly the colours are quite dull and in some cases, takes days to wash out before the final colour stays. This time around it took me 2 days to completely wash out the red and this is the final colour, still quite brightly red and that is good. The washing out part is not.

After some heavy discounts and including a Matrix hair treatment, my final bill was $118!

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