Sunday, September 30, 2012

Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services are crucial for tired city folk who want more than the usual pizzas and burgers. Sometimes, cafes in your area will shove flyers into your mailbox that offer catering services. But, if you aren't lucky enough to have such services near you, there are online food delivery companies that will pickup a meal at your favourite restaurant for a fee. Always check online as these delivery services change regularly.

Here's a shortlist of what's available nowadays:

ThaiToGo - Thai food, my favourite form of takeaway.

FoodPanda - Lots of mid-priced eateries like Ritz Apple Strudel, The Rotisserie etc

RoomServiceDeliveries - Offers some surprising choices like BoonTongKee, Riverwalk Tandoor, Coffee Stars by Dao. I didn't even know these places delivered.

HungryDelivery - You type in your postal code and it shows a list of available food options, mostly smaller restaurants/cafes in your area.

Dealivery - Again you type in your postal code to see what food options you have. The list is astounding and ranges from fast food to specialty desserts.

Afiko Food Delivery - Carries some of my favourite restaurants like Pagi Sore, Chili's, Thai Express and Song of India.

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