Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freebies by Mail

My free samples haul via snail mail for the last month.

Hada Labo's Hydrating Face Lotion, a clear liquid that looks like the stuff in facial tissue masks. Also moisturizes the skin like those facial tissue masks. Buy from Watsons or Guardian 170ml for S$25.

Royal Cosmetics Gold Ex Cream that contains real 24k gold flakes! Made in Japan, the ingredients are quite Japanese - Aloe Vera, Japanese medlar leaf, Vitamin C, double dose of hyaluronic acid and precious stones processed yeast extract. Hhmm, a full sized 50gm bottle of this costs S$268. Buy from Royal Cosmetics website.

Poise pads meant for LUL or urinary leakage in older ladies. Don't see how different it is from sanitary napkins. Reminds me of the free samples I used to get in school after the feminine hygiene talks. Buy from Watsons, Guardian, NTUC. S$3.45 a pack. 

 1 packet of new Perfume Kao Attack good for 1 load of laundry, that comes in either floral or fruity fragrances guaranteed to last until the next wash. I think hotels will love this one. S$8.45 for 2.4L bottle, buy from NTUC.

My Beauty Diary sent me a piece of their Black Pearl Mask to try. I have tried several masks from them before, I mean who hasn't. I wonder if there really is black pearl extract in it? Buy from Watsons or Guardian, S$20 for pack of 10pcs.

New makeup brand Heroine sent along a pack of Facial Blotters, complete with mirror inside the disposable pack. Buy from Watsons.

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