Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seasonal Weather

It's days like this that make me wanna run away. You would think that growing up on an island on the equator, I would be accustomed to the hot & humid tropical weather by now, but no I ain't. I don't think anyone ever really gets accustomed to extreme heat or cold, ever. There exists a perfect temperature called autumn where we can be truly comfortable at 20-25°C. During this magical period, the weather outside is like air-conditioning, while the warm sun bathes us in vitamin D. 

In most other countries, the four seasons work in tandem warming up in Spring and Summer, then cooling down its occupants in Autumn and Winter. For us here in the tropics, its just hot all year round and then watch out for monsoon seasons, December to March and June to September. Strong winds and torrential rains to be expected so bring your umbrella out and pad your shoe budget. Good luck if you live in a flood prone area.

Ideally, I would have multiple homes around the world so as to live in ideal weather conditions. A home in Australia for the middle of the year and a home in Shanghai for the end of the year. A home in New Zealand to see snow in June and a home in Harbin to see snow in December. Base camp Singapore.

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