Sunday, June 17, 2012


Francfranc is the newest furniture store at Vivocity, similar to Ikea but totally Japanese. While Muji sells plain brand-less Japanese style furniture, Francfranc sells European influenced Japanese furniture and accessories. 

There is a separate section for traditional Japanese home decor and a separate section for Disney's Mickey Mouse items. The rest are just modern quirky furniture and lots of acrylic/crystal accessories.

I got this letter opener with a giant crystal diamond on top.

Some gold-plated bookmarks that double as pen holders.

And this too adorable Mickey Mouse tea set with a mirror finish. Really looking forward to teatime with this.

2012 seems like a big party year for London. First the queen's diamond jubilee and now the Summer Olympics.

Walked by Marks & Spencer to find my favorite teacakes wearing the Union Jack.

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