Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cold Process Soap

For more information, watch soapqueentv!

I am ready to give cold process soaping another go after my first attempt resulted in super fatted soaps and a messy kitchen to clean up after. This time I bought a candy thermometer that is better suited to measuring the high temperature of the ingredients.

As always, be extra careful when handling these chemicals. Wear protective gear and work only with non-reactive apparatus like ceramic.

The mix I am using is coconut oil, canola oil and cocoa butter.

Mixing has to be done with a stick blender as mixing by hand is soo tedious.

When the mixture traces like below, you mix in essential oils and coloring before pouring into special moulds.

This is one expensive $180 block of soap:

Lye Solution                    $50
Coconut                          $40
Canola Oils                     $15
Cocoa Butter                   $10
Essential Oils                    $55
Colouring                         $10

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