Friday, June 1, 2012

Jin Shan Lou 金山楼

A chinese restaurant in MBS hotel that serves a mixture of regional cuisine styles resulting in innovative and delicious food, the kind you eat at home everyday if your mom is a cooking star.

Heard the dimsum here goes for around $8 a basket and no wonder. No need for condiments, it is the best I have tasted in a while. The siew mai has been wonderfully seasoned and I can eat a few more at one go. The carrot cake is of the softest texture with the flavour of freshly milled grains. Sweet potato pastry is an absolute must try, a bit chewy like mochi.

If you are at a lost at what to order, like me. There is a weekday 5 course set lunch at $28.90 +++. This includes their namesake golden soup.

And comes with a huge cut of chinese style steamed codfish. 

Fried noodles and I was full. One more course to go.

Dessert looks like there is a shark swimming inside.

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