Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chanel Jewellery

 I walked into the Chanel boutique and saw the Ultra collection of ceramic jewellery that I cannot stop gushing over. I have been looking for something similar in gold and leather but ceramic is definitely better, durable and easy to clean. Pragmatic people would probably want the ceramic J12 watch, this design does resemble a watch strap. Prices start from $2,600.
Chanel has a separate boutique for fine jewellery that is worth visiting if you are looking for a special gift. My favorite collections are 1932 and Comete.
If you are a fan, you can upgrade your Chanel costume jewellery as they make the same thing in real gemstones and pearls now.
 There are also regular jewellery items like gold bangles and in the signature camelia flower.
My white gold and enamel Chanel earrings.

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