Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lush Review - Buffy Soap

Forgot to take a photo before opening this new bar of Lush Soap called Buffy, coz I expected it to be similar to all the others. Surprise, it's a little different. More mature and leaning towards a serious spa soap if there ever was such a thing. It's an exfoliating bar but unlike Porridge, it doesn't make a mess of the bathroom floor. The gentle massage is really relaxing and you will be happy to know it sloughs away dead skin leaving it baby smooth. The hot bath water releases its' innate perfume, Lavender and Lemon oils creating an uplifting experience. It takes a while to wash away the soap which is why you can't use this in a hurry, leaving behind shea & cocoa butters to keep your skin moisturized. You'll be reveling in this aura of a happy bath for hours.

* warning that the bar of soap disappears quickly, more so if you are using this in the bath.

* updated 21 Mar 2013 : Use only in winter or if you sleep in air-conditioning as the shea butter coating on your skin retains heat. It's marginally uncomfortable in summer so something to bear in mind.

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