Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monster Beats

I am soo absolutely sure every teenager with money and everyone in the music industry already has a pair of these Beats headphones by Dr Dre. Priced up there with all other premium headphones, Monster Beats fuse fashion and celebrity endorsement to stand out from the crowd, delivering crystal clear sound so you can feel that dub beat.

Be sure to read up to find your ideal pair because Monster Beats carries a huge range from noise cancelling Isolation headphones to sport headphones that allow users to hear the surroundings as background noise while delivering perfect quality music in the foreground. Don't want to get the wrong set for the ultimate music preference customization.

What I really like is the variety of designs and colours these headphones come in. So you don't have to wear the same set as everyone else. Candy colours, celebrity designs, blinged out or just plain classic black. Blue tooth wireless is an option too!

Beware of counterfeits. At these prices you want the real sound that is uncompromising.

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