Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eugene's Wedding

The little boy is married!

Weddings last the entire day in Singapore. I hear in some cultures the celebrations continue on for days. I got up early for the church ceremony and solemnization. Followed by the tea ceremony, photography session and food.

Dinner at the same place as his sis, Four Seasons Hotel, the banquet rooms have a cosy setup.

Peking duck for h'orderves. No complaints from everyone when the dinner started late *as usual*.

There were 5 different films and montages to keep guests entertained the entire night. That and the roving photographer taking our pictures for free. 

Bride wore some really lovely tulle wedding gowns, she changed into a short red tulle dress later in the evening.

A nice romantic dinner for the whole family by candlelight and roses. I always like the red rose theme for weddings. My sis had it for hers too.

Yummy Chinese food :)

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