Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makeup Palettes

I buy designer makeup palettes not only for the true colours that do not oxidise or melt during the day and require less touch-ups. I justify the expense with the fact that it lasts a really long time, especially eyeshadow palettes. If you are a heavy eyeshadow user, a palette will last you 2 years at least. Light users like me still have eyeshadow palettes from 5 years ago (see below). So sure am I of this that I challenge you to use up your eyeshadows before the 2 years are up.

As essential to us as a Bic pen back in school. Nothing brings happiness into your everyday life like a beautiful compact, especially when it is held in a sleek and glossy case. Back in the 30s, women had custom made powder and lipstick cases resembling jewellery. A pretty compact is the same for the women of today. Only we throw out the case once finished and get something new every few years. I believe every girl needs to carry something pretty in her purse for that afternoon touch-up, to see those lovely colours and light scents of perfume to really set our day right.

One of my favourite gifts for my female friends and family are beautiful designer compacts likes these YSL ones. Beautilicious.

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