Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Van Cleef & Arpels

* Celeste Necklace

The grand daddy-O of fine jewellery, is what breathtaking high-end jewellery is all about. Legendary craftsmenship coupled with innovative design. The rich and famous regularly place orders for masterpieces from its workshops, so you'll be surprised at how many items are actually attainable to the rest of us.

* Foret ring

Van Cleef & Arpels' special mystery setting, a technique kept secret and only a master jeweller can create. It is a smooth surface of pave set gems, even on a curved brace. Recognized as a VC&A piece immediately.

*pivoine ring

But, my absolute favourites are these in-between fingers and open design rings, absolutely lovely and also signature designs.

*socrate ring and earrings

The most popular and affordable range is perhaps the classic vintage Alhambra that has been expanded to Magic Alhambra and Sweet Alhambra. Probably for younger girls who want the same thing as their mom and grandmas, with a twist.

*alhambra bracelet

Jewellers behind THE statement Zip bracelet that unfurls into a necklace. A hallmark creation that was originally created with just diamonds has now been expanded to cover almost every gemstone available.

Of course, this jewellery house also makes watches. More often than not with fantastical dials from precious materials.

If you want to get something VC&A but cannot afford these magical pieces introduced so far, there is a beautiful Feerie perfume more popularly known for its bottle than the candy sweet scents inside. Inspired by the Midsummer's Night collection.

I can't wrap up this post without mentioning that VC&A own the word "minaudiere" having made the fancy minaudieres that all society women carried in early 20th century. How about that.

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