Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheap Facial Wash

I only use intense, rich & heavy facial moisturizers when overseas during winter months. It's not compatible to my combination skin in this tropical weather, that in a way is good for my budget as light moisturizers are also cheaper.

So when I only have these stronger moisturizers left, I usually get the cheapest facial wash that would also be the harshest, stripping away dirt and natural oils from the skin leaving it extra dry so the intense moisturizer balances its effects. What I love about this beauty regime is that your skin usually glows afterwards as your pores are totally clear to absorb the wholesome effects of these pricier moisturizers. When using this particular brand <mandom> that costs $2 to $3, I don't even need to use a makeup cleanser, my makeup just washes off, quick and simple.

*updated on 16 Mar 2003: Only thing is it stings the eyes so not recommended for babies.

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