Friday, June 5, 2015

Simplicity - Jessica McClintock Pattern 1655 - Dress A

Jessica McClintock is the designer behind a series of special occasion dress patterns and although it looks really complex (boning etc) it turned out pretty ok.

Dress A is a classic strapless dress with a multi-tiered ruffle skirt. The pattern recommends shades of the same colour, as always you can really do anything you want. I went with ombre red to white to blue, I saw some fabric that already looked like this and thought it was a good combination.

Once I started sewing, I thought there was a mistake in the skirt template as it says cut 2 for lining and cut 3 for skirt, both lengths do not measure up to the bodice. So I cut the lining shorter, wider and it turned out ok.

Ombre cotton fabric : $28
Tulle : $26
Zipper : $4
Thread : $5
Dress Pattern : $25
Total = $88

*omitted boning, trimming, pins, chalk, measuring tape, scissors and sewing machine

I am horrid at sewing zippers and that goes for button-holes, hook & eye, etc. Looks totally homemade.

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