Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Payot Pink Stone Mineral Clay

I ordered this 2kg salon-size tub of Payot's Pink Stone Mineral Clay mask, its got crushed gemstones Rhodocrosite in it. Crushed gemstones in skincare is not new and mainly reserved for high-end luxury skincare. It's effects are more exfoliant and experiential than anything else. 

Original Price $348.50, I only paid $48.50 and got a free eyeshadow compact from Strawberrynet

Payot has 3 different treatments in its Ressource Minerale range: 
Pink Clay with Rhodocrosite to brighten sensitive skin
Green Clay with Malachite for detox
White Clay with Smithsonite to firm aging skin


  1. Hi, can they be mixed? How often can b used because I see it is for 3 different goals as u wrote. Says for body, can b used on face too? Ty

    1. Yes, its a mask so can be used on body or face. i mixed it with essential oils and other powdered minerals. Tried it out its actually ok, not completely transformational or anything like that. I also added in translucency serum, people who have red/broken capilleries under their skin cannot use it, coz it makes it more obvious.


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