Friday, June 26, 2015

Colouring Books for Adults

I was bored and looking for simpler activities to occupy my time, like one of those designer colouring books from Hermes or YSL, you know an adult version of a children's activity to intrigue and challenge myself.

I was surprised to find an entire new category of adult colouring books from BookDepositary. You can colour in clinical anatomy, mandalas, Victorian dress designs, basically everything. My favorites are Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. It's a treasure hunt, colouring book, sketching base for grown-up girls.

Translated into several different languages, Popular bookstores carry the Chinese version. The monochrome cover with touches of metallic gold makes it soo alluring. 

I even got a new set of colouring pencils for this. This particular Faber-Castell set has a metallic gold pencil. Planning to get neons and more metallics from Art Friend later.

Faber-Castell's new colouring pencils are called GRIP for that extra grip. It also has a 250th anniversary box set of just colouring pencils.

I also found variegated pencils that changes colour as you sketch/colour. And Smencils, scented colouring pencils, very popular with kids.

For our little kids, there are these colour-a-bag/memoboard/soft toy/playhouse/lantern kits.

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