Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chinatown - buying textiles

Starting @ People's Park Centre, where the famous Golden Dragon is located. It's mainly vintage quilting fabrics. You can find many cartoon-y & country designs here.

Take a walk around and you will find more fabric shops in the same shopping complex. Trims and other bits & bobs galore, including sewing machines.

Directly opposite on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors of Chinatown Hawker Center you can find fabric/haberdashery/costume shops. The variety is all there, including other more technical sewing tools, a haven for fashion design students.

Opening hours of 2pm - 8pm Mon to Fri, shops close earlier on Sat, doesn't exactly favor the casual browser. 

For the most part, prices are reasonable. Cash terms only. The best buy you can get here have to be cotton linings @ $2/metre, sometimes less than that.

I find the variety a little dated, not much has changed since my mother's time. There are tailoring shops for formal evening wear (mens suits/sequined cheongsams/lace gowns).

Took a break, ate a tiny rice bowl.

My haul from Chinatown. I wanted to buy soo much more than this. Will be making another trip in a few months time.

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