Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IKEA - buying textiles

IKEA has slowly but surely attracted customers for its cut-by-the-metre fabric. Its mostly graphic prints and hand drawn designs.

Ikea also sells fabric shears, thread, sewing kits, hemming and header tapes. There is a house brand sewing machine but that's not available here in Singapore.

My artsy friends like to buy up other items like towels, blankets etc to monogram using their sewing machines.

Art supplies @ kids section.

I stopped for a snack, calamari rings are really good. Sometimes I buy food stuff from their grocery store to bring home. Moose shape pasta, fruit beers, foreign candy.

All the stuff I bought on this trip. Love these plastic bags with zippers, saw a few people with it already and since Ikea doesn't give out plastic bags, I can put all my stuff in.

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