Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arab Street - buying textiles

Arab Street is a row of shop-houses selling textiles, wholesale or retail. It offers a vast range of fancy fabrics @ price points that will ignite anyone's creativity. Don't worry about bargaining as all the shops there usually have the same pricing for the same type of material.

There are lots of carpet shops next to the fabric shops. Sprinkled in between are Middle Eastern trinkets, clothes, cafes. Food is good so do stop by for a quick bite.

Most people come here for the beaded or fanciful fabrics (lace/embroidery) that can't be found anywhere else. I have bought beaded lace before @ $110/metre. If you can get plain lace or embroidered material for $20/metre its a real treat n' bargain, better grab a whole roll.

The cheaper fabrics can be found in these crowded shops. People buy these for decorations and costumes. A favorite find of mine is always traditional brocade and batik.

My Haul that will turn you green with envy: Coral sequins, Colour Block sequins, Grey Beaded Lace, Pink Batik, Black Tulle, Black Georgette. 

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