Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kerastase Crystalliste

Kerastase has finally gotten it, Crystalliste an everyday use haircare line, for anyone with long hair. The packaging is incredibly pink too, *love*! I was soo excited to get mine.

I usually get a scalp treatment shampoo and heat protection conditioner. Kerastase shampoos tends to be a little strong (concentrated) as its meant for people who use a lot of styling products. So instead of 2 washes, you just wash once with a better shampoo and all the gunk comes out. With Crystalliste, there is finally a shampoo that is not too strong and nourishes the scalp, that is what every girl with long hair needs. Coupled with Nutri-Thermique Fondant that provides heat activated nourishment, so I can blow-dry my hair and know that the conditioner is doing its work. Always a Kerastase fan.

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