Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer Love Wrap

Free pattern from Katherine Fagan available at her blog and at Ravelry. It's called Summer Love Wrap because of the arrowheads and hearts. I expanded the pattern almost 2X because I realize that more is better. I like my shawls/wraps to hang off my arms comfortably and be able to pin it into place when required.

Using a dozen skeins of Moda Vera's LIQUIDE yarn in Silver, knitting with 2 strands at a time. I notice the LIQUIDE yarns tend to get darker each time it's handled/worked. I wish it would stay the same colour.

Cast on 92 pegs and using stitch markers for every 12th peg to mark out the sections of 11. New stitches here are SSK (slip slip knit) and SSKP (slip slip knit purl). SSK and SSKP are the same as Knit 2 together and Knit 3 together, just in the opposite direction.

*addition on 26 Mar 2014* SSK & SSKP also require for the main loop to be lifted off peg, for the neighboring loop to be placed onto peg, then original loop placed back onto peg, before knitting.

This is my longest running knit thus far. It took me 3 months to complete, I almost gave up. I think all lace knits are like that, high in complexity. Maybe that's why you always see old grannies knitting all day in their rocking chairs. It takes forever to finish one.

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