Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Food of the Month Clubs


Food of the month clubs send new items on a regular basis, direct to your home. Great for those who like to try new things and eat/drink well. Here in Singapore, there are only wine and artisan beer clubs. Most grocers or butchers offer combo packs so you pick up a set at your convenience instead of a recurring order.

I have mixed feelings about this, I like to receive a surprise every month and not think about what I want to get every month. However, the same items can be purchased in 1 shopping trip and stored at home for the same period of time. It takes about 20 mins to travel anywhere in Singapore and public transport is efficient, so I would prefer to pick out the stuff myself at the store. 

I know food of the month clubs are usually high-end, gourmand edibles. It would be nice to have such a service for regular groceries so lazy people don't even need to think about stocking their kitchens. The monthly deliveries can include instant noodles, cooking oil, canned meat & vegetables, spice mixes, frozen food and even toiletries like toothpaste and soap.

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