Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Favorite Foods

Celebrating my birthday with a list of my favorite foods. If you haven't tried anything on this list before, you will be a convert. I make it a point to eat my favorite food at least once this Birthday month, no haters-z please.

Sri Lankan Crabs cooked in some Singaporean seafood sauce - black pepper, butter curry, chilli - it's all good. Tastes better with some deep-fried mantou buns. This crab is super fleshy and that sweet meat is too yummy.

Mekajiki Sashimi or swordfish. I haven't tried this fish fully cooked before and don't really care for it as the milky, fatty flesh is best savoured raw. Why bother with otoro when this whole fish is fatty all the time.

Boston Lobsters are expensive, why? It's tender meat is soo full of flavour and better than most other types of lobsters.

Squid Ink pasta, it does taste really nice especially if they put the squid ink in the sauce as well.

Deep dish pizza for that crisp crust and chewy dough, toppings are secondary.

McDonald's! I always want food from this place. Cheeseburger, fries, nuggets and that apple pie.

Potato Salad and it's even better if they put pasta in it. I can eat loads of this anytime.

Tofu with century egg. Actually, most dishes with century egg really hits the spot. I don't know why but I have always liked preserved foods.

HK style pork chops are addictive, the old teahouses put it in their noodles, rice and even buns.

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