Sunday, November 24, 2013

Knitter's Christmas Decor


A knitting ball wreath in Christmas colours! This one is complete with knitting needles.

Christmas tree wrapped in yarn or pom poms! Start with a cone base and glue your way to completion.

Yarn ball ornaments, you can use whole skeins of yarn or use a round base and glue the coloured yarn stylishly onto it. Hang around the house, garden and even on the Christmas tree.

To make a festive centrepiece (hanging or tabletop), glue several yarn balls and yarn nests together. It's whimsical, artistic and oh soo pretty.

Party Streamers! Make cording, pom poms and tassels than string them up to hang around the house. Great way to use up leftover yarn bits.

A yarn ball bouquet, this was a wedding idea and it's still great as a gift for a knitter you know or just placed in a vase this Christmas.

Yarn wrapped Christmas presents. Wrap it in anyway you see fit, express yourself!

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