Friday, November 8, 2013

Knitting Fingerless Mitts

The great thing about fingerless mittens is that you can wear it all the time indoors and outdoors, whether you are texting or trying to strum the guitar. It's a really simple pattern that is all over the world wide web.

Cast on 12 to 50 pegs depending on the size of your hands. I used 30 pegs for my chubby hands.

*updated 1 April 2014 : 30 big pegs that translates into 60 small pegs.

Do a simple knit stitch throughout or create a starting and ending border. Then fold the knitted piece into 2 and sew together the first inch, leave a 2 inch gap and continue sewing the rest of the piece. The gap is for your thumb to go through.

You can do cabling, fishscale or lace knit patterns, even alternate colours. Two 50gm yarn skeins held together as one, gave me a pair of 11 inch long gloves with plenty of yarn to spare.

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