Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Presents

My present to myself, a set of Nakamichi Noise Isolation Headphones. I need it for noisy construction days and when I really want to enjoy a movie/CD. Was deciding between Dr Dre and Bose but this was the only model available when I went out shopping.

Links of London limited edition friendship band from Szu.

Victoria Secret Amber Romance set from Sylvia that was immediately put into good use as my leave-in-office moisturizer and body spritz.

FitFlop Slippers from my mom. This ombre crystals front is it's Flare design in a nude colour called Pebble. I'm soo getting another pair in a darker colour later this month. Most slippers may have padded soles for extra comfort but this one is non-slip as tested out on the wet terrain I had to trudge through this rainy season.

American Express is now linked to Palate and Far Card for food privileges. This year from Palate group I get a free bottle of Torres Celeste Crianza - chockful of berries & vanilla, a bottle to enjoy on it's own.

Birthday cake & wine from Prego....

Ooh ooh...I came home today and had this Gilt parcel waiting for me from Betty, and was wondering what could possibly be in it. Just so you know, I have an entire collection of barbie dolls from my childhood and this collector's edition is for the grown-up me. This Barbie has a mani/pedi and super long lashes, complete with a ski outfit (It's soo cute but I am not a skier). She even included a hot pink travel mug coz I was looking for a new one to bring to work.

Oh yes, and a handmade charm watch. Just because she cares.

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