Friday, November 29, 2013

Festive Silver Spray Paint

I saw this wooden Christmas Tree made up from words and just had to get it. The big thrill in scrapbooking is seeing words all join up together. To make it really festive, I also bought a can of silver spray paint.

I had a can of pink spray paint before that I used on my vanity storage units. I wanted to get glitter spray paints but the store was all out of it, only left with green, antique gold and chrome silver, so silver it was.

Also spray painted an old suitcase with it. Not exactly a perfect paint job I have to admit, I really need more practice with this. Quite happy that the paints adhered well to various surfaces. This year, I have 2 suitcases that I will be filling with presents for my sis's & bro's families.

Spray paints don't adhere to the rubber zip sides so I wiped it off with glossy spray paint varnish, you learn something new everyday I guess, varnish actually dissolves spray paints (or is it manufacturer error?!). Then taped the rubber parts and re-did the paint job. Ended up with a distressed silver effect that is unique!

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