Sunday, October 13, 2013

Potluck Yarn

I participated in Potluck Yarns Labor Day Sale. Cheryl Potter the author of "The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches" has written several other knitting books before and its all sold on this site, along with themed kits and their special dye technique yarns.

I got the pattern book along with a 10 pack of Camel/Merino/Silk blend yarns in a colour called Northland Glacier. Planning to get inspired once I am done with this fantasy/drama novella. This is book 1 from a trilogy and heard Cheryl is writing a 2nd companion pattern book soon.

Since Potluck Yarns is also hosting the Labor Day Sale for Cherry Tree Hill, I got 2 skeins of silk Fingerpaints yarn in a colour called Secret Garden, it was the brightest shade available. I really like the effect of the Fingerpaints yarn series. It's a self striping yarn but the lines are not clearly defined, kinda like a child's colouring.

The first 200 customers got a lucky bag thrown into their order, filled with little goodies. Everyone knows this is the real fun part as it's usually things you may not buy for yourself.

I got 3 patterns (socks basics, crew neck sweaters for mommy & baby, leaf pattern sweater) and I think I will use these with some yarns I already have.

2 sets of buttons, couple of belt/scarf buckles and 1 scarf clip that is totally vintage as I remember my primary school teacher using these.

1 stitch holder and a set of large eye needles with sharp pointy ends that I really need, would have bought these at the shop myself.

An ice wool comb that I have no idea how to use although it's sold quite often online. And a really lovely denim knitting needle organizer that I luv.

Cross stitch canvas of a tissue box cover. Hahaha...more things to sew.

Random hanks of yarn, Royal Bamboo multi-colour 100% bamboo, Herrschners pom poms, Araucania chunky wool, Misson Falls 100% cotton, Robison-Anton Textile Co. wool, Froehlich silk.

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