Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Yarn Stash

I can't believe how a year into a new hobby and now I have a sizeable yarn stash.

A cheery yellow IKEA pail to throw all my leftover yarn bits into. It also includes all the old yarns from my family members who have lost interest in knitting, not much really, less than 10 balls. When I have time and the right mood for it, I need to go through what I have and use it up.

All yarn cones get stored in its original plastic bags in a cardboard box, the biggest box I could find. There isn't a bag big enough to store all my yarn cones in so this will have to do for the time being. *updated* I moved all of it into an orange XL size Samsonite luggage bag that clips close.

Yarns purchased online, go into my Longchamp Le Pliage XL travel bag. I used a nice bag to store some really nice yarns. Can't wait to get started on them.This bag is large enough to keep everything in and zips shut to keep all that yarn dust free. Travel bags don't get used that often anyway and when I need it for a trip, I can just transfer the yarn into the cupboard or box until I get back.

My current knitting projects go into this A4 size cotton tote from Accessorize. Spotlight yarns from the many sales and coupons are held in here as these are the ones I have to finish using first. Prioritizing my hobby-work.

 Knitting bags need to be soft with clean edges so the yarn doesn't latch onto it. Putting everything into a bag makes it easy to move stuff around the house to knit with. It's too hot outside so I will be knitting indoors at various places and hopefully with my friends next to me.

 This new bag is a slightly smaller size, almost an oversized lunch bag. Marc by Marc Jacobs drawstring nylon tote in fluorescent orange, S$90. I envision it will be for smaller knit projects.

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