Monday, October 28, 2013

Mellben Legends Seafood - Crabs

Mellben Legends Seafood Restaurant, not exactly the best locale but the food is still good. These are 2 signature dishes that I have yet to try - Creamy Curry Crab and Laksa Crab BeeHoon. Takeaway is an additional $2 per dish.

The creamy curry crab is actually Malaysian Butter Curry sauce that I love, it's even better with a 500gm crab and fried buns (5 for $3).

The woman that took my order insisted I order their Laksa Crab BeeHoon as well that had a really sweet crab infused broth. This meal was absolutely blissful and now I am all crabbed out, I can't eat another crab dish for the next few months. 

1 non-crab side dish of fermented beans tofu, oishi! Why must all the good food come in just 1 meal.

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