Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All-in-One Appliance

I came across this vintage Electrochef Kitchen Appliance Set that looks like a table but holds all the functions of a kitchen, kinda like the modern day Range Cooker with stoves and oven. I am always intrigued by the idea that you buy just 1 appliance and that basically is your entire kitchen. (This Belling Cook Centre 90E has an integrated backsplash, how nice if there was a cooker hob and overhead lights as well).

And then I was brought back down to earth again when I realize it's the same thing they sell for RVs, hotels and dorm rooms. This Summit 30" combo unit ships in 1 box and runs on 110v.

At home I actually use a hybrid appliance for small get-togethers, this grill plate with steamboat pot. More commonly known as Korean BBQ plate. I am absolutely certain all Singaporeans have one of these. It's soo much easier for your guests to do the cooking and makes planning a party effortless.

Another fun multi-appliance-in-1 are these breakfast contraptions people like to gift newlyweds and new homeowners. You can brew coffee, toast your sandwiches and grill some eggs and sausages all at the same time, too cute.

Or if you are a 1 muffin in the morning kind of person, then this layered device works perfectly as your eggs come out the same size as the muffin and all the other stuff. Basically a stacked hot plate.

If welding several different appliances together isn't your style, there are multi-function appliances these days that chop, beat, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir and steam your foods in 1 place. Sounds too good to be true? Thermomix and Thermochef even have inbuilt scales for you to measure out ingredients.

Originally made for boat/yacht owners, I think this is a great appliance for people who get their grains and spices from source as well, lots of milling and cooking in 1 place.

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