Monday, October 21, 2013

Old HK Restaurant Steamboat

I made a booking when I heard Old HK Restaurant included steamboat dinners into its menu. A chance to try really traditional Chinese/Cantonese steamboat using double boiled soup bases. That dipping sauce is tasty and almost Thai-ish. 

The steamboat dinner starts with some raw oysters on ice, not traditional and actually quite western. Then starters of pickled cucumbers, seasoned black fungus and century egg chicken, my mom really loved the chicken that is served cold with a thick spicy peanut sauce.

Then the actual steamboat, our waiters were nice enough to put everything into the pot for us. That buttery soft Wagyu beef was amazing, as was the amaranth leaves. Everyone needs to try this.

BTW sharing some vending machine love at work - fresh juice, dried fruit and hot sandwiches!

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