Sunday, October 6, 2013


Discounted Brand Name Yarn (DBNY) is a yarn website that offers box lots, bag lots and cones of yarn at discounted prices, year round. You just can't be too fussy about what is available. There are mystery yarn lots that are even cheaper. If you are a beginner than this is the place for you, those mystery bags are random and lots of fun to receive.

I had to collect this package from the post office as it was too heavy for the mailman. I bought Orange, Green and Black 100% wool yarns, Seafoam 100% cotton yarn, Royal Blue Angora/Silk yarn (!!!), hand-painted orange-red Mohair/Silk yarn and hand-painted multi-colour Silk/Cotton yarn. Big cones of yarn are good for making sweaters and other clothing, you will use up the whole thing.

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