Monday, October 14, 2013

Flavours @ Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park is the new enclave of offices/hotels/shops/restaurants near my home. Flavours is the restaurant in Ramada Hotel. We had our family dinner at this buffet place and service was up to par. The cooked food is the best part of this buffet and that is not often the case for buffets.

The waiters bring Kueh Pie Tee tray to our tables that is constantly replenished and you even get coffee/tea at the end, really yummy stuff.

The cold bar had salads, sushi, fresh boiled seafood and sauces. I love buffets for their cold bars.

I had second helpings of that delish beef rib.

After +++, it comes up to around $50 per person, check for promotions and discounts as there is 1-for-1 sometimes. Then take a walk around the shopping center after eating, Fair Price Finest is truly amazing for its variety of authentic euro brands and some china local favorites. I bought a live basil plant ($2.99) to grow at home and the giant la Fabricca Caccavella pasta sets with DVD rom ($13.90).

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