Friday, September 13, 2013

White Lace Mesh Beret

This is the S. Charles Collezione Dusty Beret pattern available for free that uses fine merino wool (TINKA) and a fluffy alpaca blend yarn (NATASHA) to great effect. It's pretty and unique. I won't be following the pattern exactly as I plan to use a white lace mesh to create the fluffy part of the beret.

I knitted the band with Moda Vera CHANTILLY a milk protein blend yarn in creamy white and ROSIE mesh yarn in white for the ruffles part. The new stitches here are slip 1, increase 1 and decrease 1.

Slip 1 is to lift the loop off peg and place the working yarn behind peg than put back the loop onto peg.
Increase 1 is also known as Make 1 where you lift & twist the yarn running from one peg to the next and place it on the empty peg in the middle.
Decrease 1 is knit 2 together.

The pattern instructions provided starts and ends ok, but there are some amendments that have to be made that I am sure you can figure out. So here are some adjustments I made:

(1) 14.5 inches isn't long enough to go around my head so I increased it to 20 inches.
(2) I knitted the brim on the straight side instead of the curved side.
(3) I attached the mesh yarn on the curved side.
(4) Wet block the knitted piece to get it into shape, otherwise it's just flat.
(5) Sew the 2 ends together to get the base of the beret.

Transfer the blocked piece onto a circle loom to attach the mesh yarn.

This beret used 6 skeins of yarn! It's pretty heavy and the mesh part looks tighter than I imagined it would be. 

Doesn't it look like a chef's hat? I love it, you can't buy this one in stores.

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