Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bison Gold Yarn project-in-progress

I feel almost guilty admitting this, I did buy 2 skeins of bison gold yarn for a project I have in mind. I read that if you purchase the Bison Gold yarn from The Yarn Co. it comes with LeTissierDesigns capelet pattern. I purchased mine directly from The Buffalo Wool Co. so no pattern, but I did use a coupon to get $10 off the total bill. I am planning to put #19 and #30 into 1 granny shawl, that I am sure of. However, no final pattern in mind yet.

 I also purchased the recommended Miyuki Delica 24k gold-plated seed beads as it's lighter than most karated gold beads. They recommend you get it from Fire Mountain but I got mine from Jewelry Supply coz of a 31% coupon that took USD$37.14 off my total bill and international shipping with insurance costs just USD$12.14. Not sure where I'll put the seed beads yet, planning in progress. Can't wait to start!

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