Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boiling Water

I use a whistling kettle at home. Not all kettles whistle but I like to know when the water has come to a roaring boil.

I was actually looking at electrical kettles that are mostly transparent so you can see the contents. It heats up when plugged in, so no need for a stove.

However, both types of kettles have the same problem of storage. The hot water has to be transferred into a thermos flask or jug to keep warm. At least its portable and you can bring it to work or around the house as required.

The solution is an electrical airpot. A remarkably handy appliance that boils water, keeps it warm then dispenses it as and when you need. No need to transfer the water here and there or move it from sink to stove to counter and so on. However, it doesn't look soo nice, maybe even dated. I hope designers can come up with a nicer version soon.

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