Friday, September 6, 2013

Burgundy Lace Mesh Capelet

Knitting capelets is a popular project amongst knitters, I think because it's soo edwardian age-ish that you really can't find it in stores so you have to knit it yourself. Personally, I like the way capelets dress up T-shirt, tank tops and to cover up the neckline of your outfit if it's too low for where you are going.

Here, I am using a burgundy crochet mesh that adds that depth and richness. It also goes well with denim blue, it would look strange if everything is in blue. I am also using a brooch to secure it instead of a ribbon or buttons.

Cast on 30 pegs that will be the full length of the cape, that way the mesh will be horizontal when I am wearing it instead of a scarf style where the ruffles are vertical. If you want a longer length (like me) than knit 2 pieces and sew it together with yarn from the mesh (pull on the mesh yarn to unravel as much thread as you need).

2 balls of mesh yarn was all I needed for a capelet for my petite sized mom. However, I kept going and used up all 4 balls of mesh yarn I had to make a larger version for myself, my mom can still wear it as a large shawl.

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