Monday, September 16, 2013

Barbie Live! & Pre-theatre Dinner

This time I got a seat inside CUT restaurant as it was early, first time trying the pre-theatre dinner menu. Apparently, you can order the dessert & drink with dinner and adjorn back to the restaurant after the show for it and some chatter.

Sitting in the restaurant has some perks like those ultra thin & long cheddar sticks along with spicy cheese gougere. So you should really make a reservation if you can. Today, I had the cocktail Mother's Little Helper.

Sides of salad and chips were um...I prefer the usual sides from the menu. After that amazing crab starter, this was such a downer. Beef was delish though. Awesome petit fours, love that butterscotch one. 

Before rushing off to get seated for the Barbie Live show. 1 week run only for the school holidays and totally worth it as she performs her recent hits. Gift shop was a little girl's dream - stocked with all the Barbie favs like her beach house, pink convertible, dolls including collector's editions and lots of other paraphernalia. I got a hair beading tool as I don't really play with dolls anymore. 

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