Saturday, September 21, 2013

Barbie @

Did you know you can order custom Barbie dolls from the Mattel website called "Barbie styled by Me". Barbie always had friends of every colour (Marisa, Raquelle, Grace, Chandra, Kara, Nikki, Summer, Theresa, Midge) and her 3 sisters (Stacie, Skipper, Chelsea), not to mention the new Fairy/Princess/Mermaid personas from her latest line of DVDs. 

After watching Barbie Live! I decided to share the love with some girls I know who are of that age. This configuration I put together at costs just under USD$100 including taxes. It doesn't include the doll of course, I assume the little girls already have their own. That's for shipping to USA & Europe. Locally, you can buy Barbie dolls from any department store or even at the Comic Convention.

If your little girls don't have any dolls yet, than swap out that convertible for a jeep complete with Barbie & Ken dolls, at just USD$10 more.
BTW this is the new Dreamhouse, watch it all on Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse webisodes.

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