Friday, March 8, 2013

Scrapbook Notice Board

After making all those photoframes, I ended up with 1 set of plywood backing and cardboard frame that measures 20"x20". So I thought I should mix it up and make a notice board this time. To make it interesting, I am planning a mix of stickers, cut-outs, rub-ons, stamps and felt flowers.

Start by wrapping the frame in paper and craft tape.

I tried to burnish the basic yellow paper to create an interesting backdrop by lightly stamping all over with a damask stamp in bronze. But, it didn't quite quite work out (see the splotch on the bottom left) so I left it there as backdrop of a bonfire. Instead, I pasted chevron stripes all over the board in a beige paper just a few tones lighter.

Applied the usual scrapbooking stickers, felt flowers and dragonfly.

Colour markers to draw the string holding all those pennants together. Also used the colour markers to outline some of the stickers.

My first time trying out water transfers, you cut out the design and place it where you want it to appear then spray water all over it.

For the notice board I used 3M self-mounting boards that is light, thin, can be cut to size and comes in 4 colours (Beige, Brown, Red, Grey) to match your craft project.

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