Saturday, March 23, 2013

Health Store Haul

Holland & Barrett Haul - health foods and vitamins, the lip balms are to be given away. Acai berry is my preferred juice right now, I would describe it as aromatic berry juice S$7.90. Crushed nuts and berries is one of the latest food trends, you add it to yogurt, porridge or soups for that added boost of nutrients, S$15.90 a packet. 1 bottle of Ginger soda S$12.90 and 2 meal replacement bars $2.90 each.

Started reviewing the vitamin supplements I have amassed the last few months. Will be posting more on it if I find that it works. Still #1 on my must-haves is vitamin C effervescence tablets.

Salad for lunch, that came with a side of burger!

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