Wednesday, March 6, 2013

F&B Brand Appliances

Home appliances that have been co-branded with retail food brands add to family fun as we crank out treats just like the real thing you can buy from the store.

Make Dairy Queen's Blizzards right in your own home now with this machine.

Baskin Robbins popsicle makers. comes with toppings tray and dessert sauces.

A bake your own Twinkies kit? It even comes with a Twinkie plastic toy to cheer you on as you make your own home version.

Peeps marshmallow maker, claim credit on your homemade candy in all those cute familiar shapes.

This last one is made to resemble a Krispy Kreme donut machine found in their shops. However, it is not endorsed by KK. Make, bake, fry for the most delicious doughnuts.

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